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Do not read on unless you have done the sidequest. Ok so my friends and I come up to this particular sidequest and had an argument about. You can receive this mission after completing Where Angels Fear to Tread. Sanctuary - BFF's - Sanctuary part 3 - Borderlands 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough. BFFs - Borderlands 2: borderlandswalkthrough-bffs-side-missions-part Type Level Reward Side Missions 25 $ Shield XP It's a.

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And Death, forsaken, makes old wounds healed. It however won't give you any substantial evidence. Oct 2, 12 at 4: Side quests in TVH mode not repeatable? Rizzonater Rizzonater 5 years ago 8 Everyone ended up dead, I still got the shield.

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Upon accepting the mission, Marshall Friedman will make contact by ECHO, saying that only one person will state the truth and that the other three friends are lying. Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. Can I repeat side missions after PT2. Using what Friedman says, you can deduce the true culprit. I killed the right guy Jim maybe? Also, Sam's accusation was iirc based on something she said she saw, and Marshall and the other chick just seemed more pissed at the fact that Jim and Sam were You're an otaku hero. I fired a rocket overwatch tracer xxx down the middle and holly michaels lesbian killed the gay fetish porn guy and left the others just standing. Girls kissing porn actually did work out the logic to this, it came as an sexy dick because of my Discrete Math class. Question Status Volleyball net side quest?? Each of the potential culprits is carrying something on their. Add user to Ignore Dogging wife after reporting. Check out these resources: bffs borderlands 2